Decadent Breakfast


I begrudgingly woke up Sunday morning after five hours of sleep to a beautiful morning. What was even better was the prospect of a delicious breakfast from Bread & Chocolate, a small restaurant by 23rd and M streets. When we finally arrived and found a parking space, one look at the menu and I was completely at a loss. I wanted to order everything they offer for breakfast. Four or five types of french toast, omelets, eggs benedict (my FAVORITE) and regular egg dishes and more. 

The ambiance at Bread & Chocolate is European in it’s simplicity and attentive yet relaxed service. Their cafe list is impressive, and in addition to the food served at the restaurant, Bread & Chocolate also has a bakery counter where foods can be purchased to bring home. 

Because neither of us could decide on eggs or french toast, my roommate and I decided we would get one of each and split them. I ordered the Spinach and Goat Cheese Omelet and my roommate ordered the Chocolate and Banana French Toast. 

bread-chocolate-omletteThe food came out to us piping hot. The eggs in my omelet were not the best that I had ever had; they were a bit dry, but still fluffy. The spinach and goat cheese were delicious in the dish, but the cooks put all of the spinach and goat cheese in the middle of the omelet, so you had to eat your way in to get to the good stuff. 

The chocolate and banana french toast was made with cinnamon challah bread, fresh banana slices and dark chocolate ganache drizzled on top. It was heavenly. The bavarian cream on the side was good, but it was a bit rich for me for breakfast. 

At the end of the meal, I felt pleasantly full, and ready for a nap. I was surprised that the meal did not sit heavier in my stomach, but it was the perfect fuel-up breakfast, as well as a fantastic pre-nap meal. The prices were a little high, and it is not a place that I would trek to often. However I’m glad that I went, and I would recommend it as a place to go for breakfast, but only if you have someone who you can share food with, or you can easily choose between sweet and savory breakfasts.


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  1. Where do you find these restaurants, LVK? dude those pictures look amazing. You’re gonna make me drain my account when i get back.

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