Eric Ripert Goes to Costco, Hilarity Ensues

Alan Richman and Eric Ripert do Costco

This video is hilarious. Alan Richman takes Eric Ripert to Costco, and Ripert is totally scandalized. While he admits that the warm bread from the bakery is a plus for the mega-store, he says that nothing looks natural or “like it is from Planet Earth.”

The most surprising element of the entire episode is Ripert’s use of herbs de provence with steak. It’s not a traditional or popular choice, but he says it tastes good, so perhaps the next time I’m  jonesing for a steak, I’ll try it like almost-Costco-convert Eric Ripert.

Ripert is surprisingly open-minded throughout the entire episode: at one point he admits that they are having a good meal, and although he would like to be in the street with a sign that says “I hate Costco” he can’t do it because “they have some good stuff.”

But he does not want to go back.

[via Eat Me Daily]


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