Apple Cider Donuts

My #2 favorite thing about fall is apple cider and all of the wonderful things that subsequently can be created from apple cider. The heavenly warm cinnamon-sugar coated pillows that are fresh apple cider donuts are one of the highlights of the apple picking adventures that my sister and I take annually to the Beardsley Cider Mill and Orchard back near my hometown in CT. We spend about an hour doing the pick-your-own out in the orchard, testing out the apples and filling big canvas bags for pies, cupcakes, etc.

The cider mill has some of the best cider in the area, but by far the best thing in the main house is the fresh apple cider donuts that come hot off the conveyor belt into a bucket of cinnamon sugar. Only get them when they’re fresh – they have a great airy, chewy texture that is almost like biting into a marshmallow.


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