Dec 09

Food on a Stick


One cold day in New York, four interns went on a mission for another food cart. Unfortunately, they were few and far between that day. During our walk, we came across the ultimate food-on-a-stick experience. All of the offerings at the Xing Wang food cart on Canal street are displayed on sticks outside the cart:


Plantains, tofu, chicken, you name it. Not your normal shish kabob, but tasty nonetheless. I probably wouldn’t come back to this cart as a destination, but it was fine for satisfying our hunger until we could find a more substantial place to eat.


Nov 09

Not Just a Calexico Burrito

“This is not just lunch. This is a story.”

Calexico cart

My colleague Dan could not be more right. This story is about four interns from different places (Brooklyn, Manhattan, CT and NJ) who sit in a row at a desk. These four interns do drastically different tasks and have very different interests. Dan is a sports journalism intern, as is Glenn. Tanvir and myself are research interns for a consulting firm. The two things that binds us are our daily pilgrimage to the long desk set aside from the full-time employees we like to call “Intern Island,” and our quest for good, cheap food (Intern budget) in the ritzy Soho area of NYC. Originally, this was an individual task. We would go separate ways for lunch, each on our own schedule. Until we realized that there was a great opportunity in front of us: not only to enjoy the social aspect of connecting over a sandwich and soda, but, together, to find the best cheap places to eat. And for me to blog about them (We’re kind of like the Planateers). Now, we’re on a mission.

A mission that began around 1:30pm on Wednesday of this week. Tanvir had spotted a burrito cart right around the corner from our office a week or so ago, and so we made it our first official destination. At the intersection of Crosby and Broome, the guys at Calexico were creating what can only be described as “Burrito Masterpieces.” Their menu is small, and consists mainly of burritos, however as we discovered on our trip, Quesadillas can be ordered off-menu. Calexico started out as a street vendor business, that grew into a franchise that eventually opened an establishment in Brooklyn.


We all selected burritos, were informed of about a 15 minute wait (during which we grabbed some sodas 2 blocks away) and by the time we came back the food was ready. Back in the office break room, we set up camp to taste and evaluate.

The consensus was one of overall satisfaction in taste, quantity, and overall burrito experience. The burritos were stuffed with large chunks of meat, making them particularly satisfying to bite into. My evaluation: a bit more avocado and a bit more acid (lemon juice, lime, pico de gallo, tomatoes, anything like that). Glenn suggested hot sauce. The burritos are customizable, so I’m sure we will be back. There’s nothing quite like a hot, fresh, tasty burrito for lunch.

Our Intern Island rating: tree_clipart_palm_tree_2tree_clipart_palm_tree_2tree_clipart_palm_tree_22palmtree

(Yes, there are Palm Trees on the Island)

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